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Help Center

What is Monthly Investment Plan?

"Monthly Investment Plan" is a flexible and convenient investment tool, enabling you to invest in a number of selected stocks with a monthly contribution amount of as low as HKD 1,000. By leveraging on the advantage of "Dollar Cost Averaging", you can be freed from the short term volatility of the stock market while balancing overall investment effectiveness. In addition, you can earn credit card gift points by settling the contribution payment with BOC Credit Card.

Operation of The Purchase of Stocks

Day of payment

Can choose specified day of month (if the day is not the working day, then on the next working day).

Payment Method

Debit from your uSMART account

Auto Currency Exchange

Support automatic currency exchange. If the debiting currency (such as HKD) is insufficient at the time of deduction, the difference will be automatically replenished by the amount of the other currency (such as USD). To avoid the failure of the deduction. The exchange rate is decided by uSMART at the time of deduction.

Day of purchase

Nearest trading day after payment

Change Plan

Inform uSMART Securities at least 1 working day before the next payment date