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Service Fees

Service Fees

Standard Account Transaction Charges
Standard Commission Plan
$0 Platform Fee Plan for Hong Kong Stock
High-Frequency Trading Plan
PRO Account Transaction Charges
Low Commission Plan
$0 Platform Fee Plan for Hong Kong Stock
High-Frequency Trading Plan
Hong Kong Market
US Market
A-Share Market
US Stock Options

2024 Annual Offer

0 commission and 0 platform fee for selected Hong Kong ETFs,check here.

Regular Plan

All users are eligible to this plan with 0.03% commission rate and a fixed platform fee HK$12/ transaction.

Service Fee of IPO Subscription

Cash SubscriptionMargin Financing

Promotion: HK$0/subs (Original price: HK$50/subs)

Promotion: HK$99/subs (Original price: HK$100/subs)

Charge of Grey Market

CommissionMin. CommissionPlatform Fee


HK$12/ transaction

HK$0/ transaction

Daily Margin Service Charges

CommissionMin. CommissionPlatform Fee


HK$10/ transaction

HK$0/ transaction

Pass Through Fees

Trading TariffCharging DetailsPayee

Trading Fee

0.00565% of the transaction amount (MinimumHK$0.01 per order)


Settlement Fee

0.002% of transaction amount (Minimum HK$2, Maximum HK$100)

Hong Kong Clearing House

Transaction Levy

0.0027% of transaction amount

Securities and Futures Commission

Stamp Duty

0.1% of transaction amount (Rounded up to the nearest HK$1)

Hong Kong SAR Government

Switching to Regular Plan

1)Users will have an opportunity to switch to others commission plan every month.

2)Forcommission plan selected before 08:00, it will be effective on the same day at 08:00. If selected at or after 08:00, it will be effective on next day at 08:00.

Real-time Quote Streaming Service

1) All users are entitled to enjoy free A-share real-time quote Level 1 streaming service.

2) On the 25th of each month, customers who maintain the real-time total asset value above HK$0, are entitled to enjoy free US Stock real-time quote Level 2 streaming service for 30 days.

3) We provide the purchase of HK Stock Real-Time Quote Level 2 Streaming Service at HK$266/month for trial (Original Price:HK$388). Please click here for details.

Delayed QuotationBMP ServiceReal-time Quote Level 2 Streaming Service


Delayed Refresh

Manual Refresh

Real-Time Quotation

Market Depth



10 Levels

Transaction Record




Industries Performance

Delayed Ranking

Delayed Ranking



All Stocks

20 Stocks

All Stocks


1)All charges are applicable to Hong Kong region users only. For more details, please visit Support Center;

2)Fees and charges will only be applied for once when customers placed one single transaction order;

3)Fees and charges are determined and collected by the Hong Kong SAR Government and HKEX. You may visit the HKEX website as reference;

4)The services and charges are subject to the Terms and Conditions in relation to services and charges as posted from us from time to time;

5)The IPO subscription offers are provided to customers who use HKID Card for account opening and take effect on November 19, 2020 which will be ended until further notice;

6) To Support Center for more details about charges and fees of other services;

7) The above commission plan is effective on 25 February 2021.