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A Shares


A shares are also known as domestic shares. They are shares that are denominated in Renminbi and traded in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


uSMART provides extensive A shares online trading services and A shares streaming real-time quotes, covering over 1000 SH-HK Stock Connect and SZ-HK Stock Connect products. You can browse different types of A shares information in uSMART App including charts, analytics and smart reminders.



Three Reasons To Choose uSMART For A Shares Trading:


Trade A shares

Low Commissions & Platform Fees

Trade A shares with commission rate as low as 0.02%. The minimum commission fee is RMB$5 per order. The platform fee is RMB$12 per order

A Shares streaming real-time quotes

Streaming Real-time Quotes

Monitor market movements with streaming real-time quotes
AI Smart Ranking and Investment Strategy

AI Investment

Seize the market opportunity with our AI Smart Ranking and Investment Strategy




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