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Solemn Declaration

uSmart Securities Limited (formerly named in Chinese as 友信證券有限公司) recently discovered that criminals pretending to be employees of 友信證券有限公司recommending customers to buy and sell stocks via WhatsApp or WeChat groups. Our company now makes the following solemn declarations:


  1. The Chinese name of uSmart Securities Limited has been officially changed to 盈立證券有限公司. It is a corporation licensed with Securities and Futures Commission (CE No.: BJA907) for conducting Type 1, 4 and 9 regulated activities and being a SEHK participant of HKEX. Our Company strictly abides by the Securities and Futures Ordinance and provides customers with safe and reliable securities trading services.


  1. It has recently been discovered that criminals are impersonating Market analysts of 友信證券有限公司to commit fraud, which may be intended to illegally defrauding money, including but not limited to:

 (i) attaching a fake name card printing with our trademark in the WhatsApp or WeChat group; and

(ii) counterfeiting employees of 友信證券 and inviting customers to join the communication group for stock recommendation, capital allocation, and trading on behalf of customers.


  1. Our company now solemnly declares that we have no relationship or connection with the said persons, and severely condemns the impersonation and misappropriation of our trademark. Our company has reported this to the police, and reserves the right to pursue legal action.


  1. If a person who claims to be a market analyst of 友信證券 or uSmart Securities Limited contacts you, saying that he will recommend stocks or requesting your account and personal information, you should handle it with caution to avoid being deceived. You can either check the information of any licensed person through the Public Register of Licensed Persons and Registered Institutions on the website of the Securities and Futures Commission, or contact our customer services at any time (refer to contact details below) to confirm the identity of any suspicious person claiming to be our employees. Please be aware that our company will not bear any responsibility for the losses or damages directly or indirectly arisen from using or accessing such fraudulent websites or communication groups.


If you have any doubts or inquiries, please contact our Customer Services by calling (852)3018 4526 (Hong Kong) or 400-626-1888 (Mainland China) or sending an email to


uSmart Securities Limited

3rd November 2020