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HK Stock Commission Plan

1. Details of Charges

1.1 Regular Plan

1) Low Commission and Low Platform Fee Plan: All users are eligible to this plan with 0.03% commission rate and a fixed platform fee HK$12/ transaction.

2)     $0 Platform Fee Plan: All users are eligible to this plan with HK$0 platform fee and standard commission rate as below:

Total Account Asset


Min. Commission

Platform Fee

Between HK$0 - HK$199,999


HK$8/ transaction

HK$0/ transaction

Between HK$200,000 - 499,999


HK$8/ transaction

HK$0/ transaction

Between HK$500,000 - 999,999


HK$8/ transaction

HK$0/ transaction

HK$1,000,000 or above


HK$8/ transaction

HK$0/ transaction


Remarks 1: uSMART Securities will charge for commission rate 0.08% first, and the final commission rate will be adjusted according to the total account asset by the end of each transaction day, the value difference will be charged on or rebated to customer.


Remarks 2: Total account asset will be calculated by the end of each transaction day, including but not limited to HK and US stocks, ETF, Warrant, CBBC, etc. in customer’s account. (Foreign currencies exchange rates are determined by uSMART)


2. Pass-Through Fees

Trading Tariff

Charging Details


Trading Fee

0.00565% of the transaction amount,  MinimumHK$0.01 per order


Settlement Fee

0.002% of transaction amount

(Minimum HK$2, Maximum HK$100)

Hong Kong Clearing House

SFC transaction levy

0.0027% of transaction amount

Securities and Futures Commission

Stamp Duty

0.1% of transaction amount

(Rounded up to the nearest HK$1)

Hong Kong SAR Government

FRC Transaction Levy

0.00015% of transaction amount 


Italian FTT

The net number of shares purchased on each settlement day x
weighted average purchase price x 0.1%

Italian Gov


3. Switching to Regular Plan

1)  Users will have an opportunity to switch to regular plan every month (either low commission and low platform fee plan / $0 platform fee plan).

2)  The new plan will be effective on the next trading date after the switch


4. Attentions

1)  All charges are applicable to Hong Kong region users only

2)  When user is trading, if one order is commanded in multiple trades, the fee is only charged for once

3)  Fees and charges determined and collected by the Hong Kong SAR Government and HKEX. You may visit the HKEX website as reference