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uSmart Securities Limited (“uSmart”) noted that recently there is a company named Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited ,香港盈立, HK Smart and use the Chinese name “盈立證券有限公司” (“The Company”) which is as same as uSmart’s Chinese name “盈立證券有限公司”( The information provided in the website which appears to be uSmart.


uSmart hereby clarifies that the Company is not uSmart and does not have any relationship with uSmart. In addition, the Company is not a subsidiary or any associate of uSmart, and uSmart does not hold any interest in or have any connection with this Company.


The aforementioned website is not owned or operated by uSmart. uSmart wishes to remind our clients never access such fraudulent websites or provide any personal information and personal assets to such fraudulent websites. Clients are reminded to ensure they are connected to a valid website. uSmart website address is &


uSmart reserves all rights to pursue further legal actions.


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