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China A-Share Market

Trading Hours

Trading Sessions


Opening Call Auction


Continuous Auction (Morning)


Continuous Auction (Afternoon)


Closing Call Auction


09:20 – 09:25, 14:57 – 15:00: SSE will not accept order cancellation.
09:10 – 09:15; 09:25 – 09:30; 12:55 – 13:00: Orders and order cancellations can be accepted by SEHK but will not be processed by SSE until SSE’s market open.


Until special banking arrangements are established, investors will only be allowed to trade on the other market on days where Hong Kong and Mainland markets are both open for trading, and banking services are available in both Hong Kong and Mainland markets on the corresponding settlement days. This arrangement is essential in ensuring that investors and brokers will have the necessary banking support on the relevant settlement days when they will be required to make payments.

If a Northbound trading day is a half trading day in the Hong Kong market, Northbound trading will continue until respective Connect Market is closed. Please refer to the HKEX website for the Northbound trading calendar for Shanghai Connect Northbound trading and Shenzhen Connect Northbound trading.

Trading Currency

Hong Kong and overseas investors trade and settle SSE and SZSE Securities in RMB only.

Order Types

Limit orders, conditional order and smart order will be accepted for China A shares trading.
No order amendment; Only order cancellation is available

Price Limit

For SSE Securities, there is a general price limit of ±10% (and ±5% for stocks under special treatment (i.e. ST and *ST stocks) under risk alert) based on previous closing price.

All orders input for SSE Securities must be at or within the price limit. Any order with a price beyond the price limit will be rejected by SSE. The upper and lower price limit will remain the same intra-day.

The same price limit arrangement applies to SZSE Main Board and SZSE SME Board Securities. Stocks traded on SZSE’s ChiNext Market are subject to a ±20% price limit (including ST and *ST stocks) based on the previous closing price.

Dynamic Price Check

To prevent mischievous behavior towards the use of the Northbound quota, SEHK has put in place a dynamic price checking for buy orders. Buy orders with input prices lower than the current best bid (or last traded price in the absence of current best bid, or previous closing price in the absence of both current best bid and last traded price) beyond a prescribed percentage will be rejected by CSC.

SEHK has set the dynamic price checking at 3% during the initial phase and may be adjusted from time to time subject to market conditions.

Stock Code

The stock codes of SSE and SZSE Securities are 6 digits and investors should use SSE and SZSE stock codes when placing orders.

Board Lot/Odd Lot

All SSE and SZSE Securities are subject to the same trading board lot size, which is 100 shares (buy orders must be in board lots).
Odd lot trading is only available for sell orders and all odd lots should be sold in one single order. It is common that a board lot buy order may be matched with different odd lot sell orders, resulting in odd lot trades.

No Day (Turnaround) Trading
Day trading is not allowed for both Connect Markets. Therefore, Hong Kong and overseas investors buying SSE and SZSE Securities on T-day can only sell the shares on and after T+1 (see also Pre-trade Checking).

Short Selling

Short selling services is not available.